Cruzin’ Good Eatz With Ono Grindz Food Truck

Enjoy Cruzin’ Good Eatz with Ono Grindz food truck. If you are looking for a healthy option, look no further! Ono Grindz serves healthy, fresh island-style food for take out at a great price.

Owner Mandie Morris says, “I started Ono Grindz with a dream in mind and the spirit of the islands in my heart.  Island-style food was something I learned about from so many close friends while living and working in the Marshall Islands. My best times there were spent with my island family at the beach, on the back porch, and around the barbecue. Times centered around food and “talking story”, with everyone bringing their unique flavors and flair to the table. So when it was time to leave my island home, I knew I wanted to take a piece of it all with me and Ono Grindz was born.  And while I may be far away from those crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches, some things remain true: you won’t get styrofoam from me and your food will be made with love and served with a smile.”


I have made a stop at the food truck a few times. On the most recent visit, I chose the Huli Huli Chicken.  It consists of sweet and savory pulled chicken cooked with pineapple and island seasonings.  Served over rice with a tangy, homemade Huli Huli sauce. The order includes your choice of 1 side and I chose the Macaroni Salad. It is SO good, y’all!

I mean, just look at it . . .

I think my favorite item on the menu is the Macaroni Salad. They sell take home 8 oz portions of Macaroni Salad, Kapiki Slaw, Quinoa Salad, and their award-winning Mango + Black-Bean Salsa. I think I am going to have to grab some of these on my next visit!


Other menu items include Kalua Pork, Street Tacos, ProBowl, Daily Specials and more. For a full menu, be sure to check out their website.

Ono Grindz has been known to frequent Sweetwater, Madisonville, Athens, Calhoun, Decatur, and Cleveland. Follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll end up next. You will be glad you did because they’re selling what you’re smelling!

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